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Can't find the words? 

I'm your huckleberry.


Whether penning your wedding vows or brushing up your professional biography, Huckleberry Literary offers custom, creative, and concise literary services specializing in personal prose. We can help you write copy for your website, craft a persuasive love letter, hone your artist's statement, or write that grant application with wit and erudition. 

We can also help you with college essays, cover letters, letters of recommendation, or any other professional writing project. 

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Natalie Scarlett

Huckleberry Literary is Natalie Scarlett. She offers her skills as a writer combined with her artistic experience, unconventional creativity, and passion for words. Natalie is an experienced writing coach and passionate educator.

An English teacher for seven years at Liberty Common High School, regularly ranked as the best and highest-scoring school in Colorado, Natalie Scarlett is also an artist and active member of the creative community specializing in creative writing and writing about creative fields, especially individual portraits of artists and creatives. She also teaches playwriting at the Osher Institute at Colorado State University. 

She is an expert at using her literary expressiveness to bring color to professional writing as well. Her theatre background has honed her skills of characterization and thus she excels at genuine profiles, personal narratives, deep interviews, and stories with people at their core. 

A tireless teacher, Natalie proudly teaches AP Language and Composition, Writing, Debate, World Literature, and Theatre and she is a lifelong learner actively pursuing knowledge and experience.

 To that end, she taught English at The Gyeseong School in Seoul, Korea. One summer, Natalie worked at the Theatre for a New Audience in Brooklyn through a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for drama teachers to write a Shakespeare curriculum and studied with literature professors, professional directors, and classically trained actors. While studying at Columbia University, she actually got to touch one of Shakespeare’s First Folios with her bare hands! 

At the Poetry Foundation in Chicago under the leadership of former poet laureate Robert Pinsky, she wrote a poetry curriculum.  She also has led tours of high school students in Europe and South America and backpacked through Europe for eight months working as a freelance English tutor, innkeeper and bike shop keeper. She travelled the country with the Tour de Fat carnival caravan and worked as an editor for Wolverine Farm Publishing. 


Natalie has a B.A. from Hillsdale College where she  was the first directing student in the history of her college to be chosen to direct a mainstage play as part of her senior thesis. Natalie Scarlett is also a published poet, short story, humor, and creative non-fiction writer. 

She has worked on several productions with OpenStage Theatre, most recently directing Caroline M. McGraw's Ultimate Beauty Bible as well as two original pieces, The Eggplant and Other Domestic Incidents and Slouch and Grouch for the Fringe Festival.  Her greatest triumph was writing, directing, producing, and acting in an immersive performance piece called Water: Works in collaboration with the contemporary professional dance company, IMPACT Dance and The Poudre Landmarks Foundation. 

In the fall and winter of 2019/2020, she will be collaborating with actors, animators, musicians, and technologists to create an immersive production of Nick Payne’s play Constellations with OpenStage Theatre and the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery at the 360 Digital Dome. 

Cipher Creative Productions is an incubating project with which Natalie Scarlett hopes to build a new theatre company with a focus on showcasing new work by emerging writers, directors, and actors with a DIY spirit and a focus on rough innovation and community involvement. 
Natalie Scarlett and her husband, Aaron Williams, are the proud parents of a toddler named Imogen Eira Eucatasrophe Elin Scarlett Williams.  Natalie is excited to be a member of the thriving arts scene in Fort Collins and eager to continue writing, making theatre, producing films and generally contributing to and supporting arts and culture in our community. 

Natalie Scarlett, or Huckleberry Literary, offers more than advice on the correct semi-colon usage, or how to fix dangling participles, although she’s really good at that. If you hire Natalie to work on your creative writing project, to bring an artistic eye to something already written, or to help you write your own masterpiece,  you’ll be working with a consummate creator with a flair for words.   





"Natalie has the ability to construct my jumbled thoughts into a coherent and professional document!  I have utilized her talents to write a comedic promotion for a community theater musical that I was in and I have also summoned her literary genius to help me write a letter of recommendation for a co-worker of mine.  Natalie takes the stress out of deadlines and also eases the anxiety of producing a professional document, especially when I have so many other items on my to-do list. "
Dr. Natalie Santelli


"Natalie is an organized and competent instructor of exceptional knowledge and personal warmth. She is consistently motivated and engaging in the classroom."
Jeremy Tullius, Fellow English Teacher


"Natalie is able to find the story in any topic and tell it with wit and candor. She asks the right questions to get the most detail out of sources, which translates into good information for her readers. Natalie is an excellent sounding board who has helped me make my writing more efficient. "
Paul Provencher, Former Editor of (SALT) Magazine 






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In addition to her liberal arts degree Natalie has won fellowships, earned certifications, and pursued further education with...

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